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Werewolf romance. Vampire romance. Regency romance. Whew!  What next?

SciFi & Fantasy

Fable trilogy.  3 books.
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A young woman from Earth. An older male from another world. She, looking for her Prince Charming. He, looking for . . .

There is more trouble from Xervyuz, of course, as everyone expects, but the worst conflict originates from. . . .

This is a semi sweet romance.

Something huge has been killing the livestock. For the last three months. All around the full moon. 

Christa Blake goes through falling in love with an extraordinarily beautiful man, to being kidnapped by rough looking people who claim to be werewolves (I mean werewolves. Really), to learning they actually do exist and her love is one. And then her little 'quirk', her presensing gift, tells her it is right to fall in love with two of the good guy werewolves, one being their leader, so she can help all of them survive and keep the bad werewolves from harming everyone else. A big order for one small human.


A steamy romance that is also light reading entertainment. A lot of fun.
The Amazons went extinct several thousand years ago. Didn't they? . . .
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