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Werewolf romance. Vampire romance. Regency romance. Whew!  What next?

SciFi & Fantasy

Fable trilogy.  3 books.
Click on images to order. These are clean romances.

A young woman from Earth. An older male from another world. She, looking for her Prince Charming. He, looking for . . .

There is more trouble from Xervyuz, of course, as everyone expects, but the worst conflict originates from. . . .

Full Moon series.  6 books. These are clean romances.

Something huge has been killing the livestock. For the last three months. All around the full moon. 

She’s been captured by the evil werewolves. They said Evan was dead. Her love was dead. Why should she still be alive?

Bliss. She’s been rescued. By Nathan. And her love Evan is alive and. . . almost well. He was seriously injured

Worried.  She’s rescued again. But Faris had intended to rape her. Did he? 

Angry. Faris is going after her family. Just because he’s angry at her for constantly escaping him. 

Discovery. Or determination? Both, actually. Christa’s quirk is telling her that having both men. . .

A steamy romance that is also light reading entertainment. A lot of fun.
The Amazons went extinct several thousand years ago. Didn't they? . . .
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